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Multiple torrents file can be added at a time to download.The status will displayed each and every torrent file added along with the Health,Size,Down Speed and the download remaining time.
It also contains the rating of the file downloaded.The Devices option in torrent provides converts the file to required format of listed devices such as Android,
Ipod, Ipad and much more
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Torrent file need to be added to the torrentz for completing the download.You can check the status, size, Down Speed , Up Seed and Rating of that file.The torrentz file can be downloaded from
any website.Time duration of the seeding will displayed along with it.It is an easy way to download any audio or video can find most of your search for audio or video in torrentz file.
You can check the user rating and reviews about the quality and type of file about to download.
The torrentz file search by user will have an auto suggestion to help the user.

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